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1. Lucia Ruszuva + Barča Lysa

1. Michal Rusz + Kuba Konečný
2. Majko Broš + Tomáško Cesnek

Kögel a Vook pokračujú vo víťaznej šnúre.

Rado Blažek

Prihlasovanie UKONNČENÉ tešíme sa na Vás v sobotu!!


If it hadn't been for Eve, here, I might have stopped you, but I couldn't. It's not a simple read for a lazy weekend nor can it be considered, as Chopin's very earliest works were, a regional story by a nineteenth-century Southern lady.

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  • She fell nerveless to the pavement and lay without moving. Suddenly, an array of lavender-colored lights flashed on and swirled around the interior of a concave stone amphitheater bowl built without seats for an audience. In the event, however, Jack was playing such an energetic, hard-fought game of fives in the courtyard that he had lost count of the time, and when the last point was over he turned his scarlet, streaming, beaming face to Stephen and said in a gasping voice, 'How glad I am to see you, Stephen, without a hint of blame. Well, this is why is costs so much to consult the Plasma. Maybe even in time for part of that dom-jot tourney.
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